Living Outside the Box

If you are anything like me you see things starting to spiral out of control. Life has become one big over powering dark cloud,  everything is jumbled and disjointed. Too many people want too many things from you and there is only so much you can give. The bank account will only stretch so far and the work force can only hire what it can. The political forces around us seem to be crashing in and what are we to do? Rules and regulations barreling down on us as if we were of no account, unfortunately without us nothing can change, We are the force, the power to overcome the forces, but we must learn to live outside the box. Government would like to control our every move, we must not allow ourselves to become discouraged or destroyed by over taxation and repression of our freedoms.  As if sheep led to the slaughter, we must not let this become us! Be strong and of good courage! We must learn to live in a different way, a self sufficient way, not allowing ourselves to be pushed into a box, but pushing back, refusing to be moved further and further from truth. Living a life of freedom, being able to supple our needs with the help of each other, barter, gardening, natural medications, home made products, such as soap, candles, butter, cheese, honey and best of all eggs! Choose a product, have someone else choose another until all needs are met. Leaving the government control out of it. Talk to your friends, family get busy and do what you can and get out of the box!